The Mach Company producing day-old broiler chicks was founded in the year 1992. Its head office and own hatchery are situated in the historical building in Litomyšl Hraběnčin dvůr, which has been lovingly reconstructed to bring back its glory from the origins of 1660.


Today the company is one of the largest and the modern complex of hatcheries in Central and Eastern Europe. During the company’s 20 years expansion the Mach Company has increased its hatching capacity from the original 10 million up to the present 165 million one day old chicks annually and has a rearing capacity of 1.75 million birds and a capacity of 1.5 million broiler breeders in production.


At the present the Mach Company has approximately 40% of the Czech Republic market with broilers and in Slovakia it dominates the market with a share of 60%.